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Tea ha raccolto nella sezione Domande frequenti le risposte alle domande che più frequentemente vengono poste in merito al gruppo e ai servizi che fornisce.

  • servizio_rifiuti What are the advantages of home collection?

    With the doorstep collection decrease the waste to be disposed of in landfills and increases the amount and quality of waste collection, ie the recovery of matter. Less landfill waste means more environmental protection and lower costs of waste disposal, this is important because each year the costs increase industrial waste and by law must be fully covered by fees paid by citizens. More material recovery means that we can put in a circle, and then on the market, our waste materials, showing off the best, using fewer natural resources (such as petroleum for plastics, cellulose of trees for paper, bauxite for aluminum, etc..) to produce new things. At a time when natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, the environment and our pockets, recycling is becoming increasingly important.

  • servizio_rifiuti Everyone is responsible for its waste?

    Of course, as it is responsible for the items that you buy, you are also responsible for the waste you produce. The home collection helps to empower every citizen with respect to their waste, as it is required by law, by stimulating the reduction of waste and recovery of materials after use, thanks to a new focus on buying more responsible.

  • servizio_rifiuti How will I receive the kit in the opening of the door to door?

    Personnel in charge shall deliver at home kit bags and bins for each user, along with calendar of collection and "Where I throw it," a small guide to the appropriate collection. If the customer is not at home is left a notice indicating when operators ripasseranno for delivery. If the second step is not possible to deliver a further notice will be left with the phone number to call to make an appointment for delivery.

  • servizio_rifiuti Diapers / nappies you can request an extra service such as withdrawal of non-recyclable waste?

    If there are elders in the family / babies use diapers, you can request an extra service for the withdrawal of non-recyclable waste?
    Each municipality has provided specific procedures for such situations. The methods are explained in the informational materials distributed at the activation of the door to door.

  • servizio_rifiuti You have to wash the packaging, bottles and containers before putting them in the bag?

    No, it is not necessary. Must, however, always delivered to the service completions empty, ie devoid of liquids and / or substances. In the event that some containers contain product residue is advisable to empty them and wash them quickly.