Domande frequenti

Tea ha raccolto nella sezione Domande frequenti le risposte alle domande che più frequentemente vengono poste in merito al gruppo e ai servizi che fornisce.

  • gas How they are composed rates?

    With gas bills are paid substantially three items: marketing services, ie the consideration for the activities carried out by the seller for the purchase and sale of gas consumed, network services for the transportation, storage, deployment and management of the meter; taxes.
    The components that contribute to the final price of the gas are of two types: fixed amount independent of the consumption and a variable fee according to our actual consumption.

  • gas How are they calculated the reductions of gas?

    Some items on the distribution have values ​​that vary according to the different ranges of annual consumption (eg 0-120 121-480, 481-1560, 1561-5000, 5001-80000,), the brackets are "filling". For example, if in a year 1400 cubic meters of gas consumption, the first 120 will be applied to the amount provided for the 1st tranche and 359 seconds on the amount scheduled for the 2nd and the excess (1400-480 = 920 cubic meters) l 'amount scheduled for the 3rd installment.

  • info_generali Why is my neighbor received the bill and not me?

    Utilities neighboring blocks can belong to different billing, not necessarily consecutive. In case of doubt, you can call the toll free number 800473165 (from a landline) and 199 143 232 (from mobile phones).

  • info_generali The amount of the bill I received is very high compared to what I usually get ...

    To verify the situation is possible to compare the reading with that indicated on the bill detected by the counter. If the meter reading is much lower contact the toll-free number 800473165 (from a landline) and 199 143 232 (from mobile phones) or go to the doors to adjust the average consumer and evaluate the payment.
    However, if the reading is correct or higher is recommended for the water check that there are no water losses, for gas call your trusted technician to make sure that the boiler is functioning properly, for the energy that there are no anomalies the electrical system.

  • info_generali What should I do if I want the debit of bills in the bank / post office?

    And 'possible to request the debiting of bills on bank account or post office directly at any branch or at banks or post offices.
    Alternatively you can fill in the form that is on the invoice and send it duly completed and signed:
    by mail to Tea, Via Taliercio, 3 - 46100 Mantova - Uff. collections
    fax toll-free 800 473160
    e-mail to
    We do not accept telephone inquiries or data contained in different documents provided form.