Domande frequenti

Tea ha raccolto nella sezione Domande frequenti le risposte alle domande che più frequentemente vengono poste in merito al gruppo e ai servizi che fornisce.

  • luce What has changed with the liberalization?

    In July 2007, the domestic market was deregulated energy. Every customer has the possibility to make the contract with the company that sells you prefer: economic and contractual conditions of supply are negotiated directly between the customer and the seller, while network services are guaranteed dal'unica distribution company.

  • luce What is the most protected market?

    This is the service of electricity supply in economic and contractual conditions laid down by 'Authority for Electricity and Gas. Residential customers or small businesses (SME is defined as a 'company with fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding 10 million euro fed (BT) low voltage) are served under conditions of greater protection if they have not never changed supplier or if they again requested the application after it has entered into contracts with other suppliers in the free market. The conditions of enhanced protection shall also apply to residential customers and SMEs that remain without electricity supplier.

  • luce What are the duties of company distribution and sales?

    There is a clear separation between the operators of transport infrastructure and those responsible for the sale.
    The distributor, which operates in a multi-year concession, manages the distribution network and is responsible for connecting the customer to the network, to do all the operations related to the management of up to the counter (on, off the supply, movement counters, etc..), is responsible for the installation, maintenance, verification and periodic reading of customer. The distributor is also responsible for emergency services.
    The seller buy energy wholesale and sells it to the customer. To get the energy to the customer the seller makes transport networks of national, regional and local authorities and then, in addition to supporting the cost of purchasing the seller pays the distributor the use of the network and other infrastructure according to a tariff which is set by the Authority for Electricity and Gas. The seller is the person with whom the customer signs the contract. The seller maintains, on behalf of the client, the relationship with the distributor for all activities that are related to connections or work to be done on the system when the supply is turned on.

  • luce How they are composed rates?

    With the electricity bill is paid Substantially three items: the services of sale, ie the consideration for the activities the carried out by the seller to buy and sell electricity to the final customer, That the network services enable providers to deliver the 'electricity on the national transmission and local distribution up to the counter, to deliver it to customers, taxes.
    The Components That Contribute to the final price del'energia are of 2 types: fixed fee independent of consumption and a variable fee according to Functional our actual consumption.tion.

  • luce There is a difference between rates for residents and non?

    Energy there are different rates for residents and non. A change are both fixed odds, that the cost of that tax.